You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your comfort and safety is ensured


Americas Insurance Services is an affordable Insurance Agency located in West Palm Beach. We  provide safety and security against the loss on a particular event. Auto Insurance is our specialty.


Commercial liability is a specific insurance policy that protects your business against claims. Liability claims, bodily injury and property damage are the most common lawsuits against businesses.


Your family memories and life experiences surround your home.  We know how important your home is. And just like you protect your family, we offer the best home insurance to protect you.


Just because you are renting your home, doesn’t mean that you don’t have valuable, expensive and sentimental assets that need protection. When your personal items need insurance, it is up to you to provide the extra coverage- and we can help!. Lets start today!.


You may be wondering when you are covered.  Knowing the dfferences between condo and townhome policies is important to know!  We can help find you the perfect insurance policy for your condo or townhome. Call us today for a free quote.